Benefits of using OUR WEB PAGE PLATFORM (CMS)

Easy To Use
Our platform are used by millions of people worldwide simply because it is so easy to use and with an intelligent.  Whether you want to add or modify new pages, post blogs, images, etc, you can do so without engaging for extra cost from having the web designer to do all these. As years progress by, CMS became more intelligent and simpler which mean the time you work on your website is greatly reduced.

Manage Your Website from Any Computer
The CMS is completely browser based so in short, you can manage your website with just an tablet or iPad anywhere that has a coffee bar. Freedom! 

Does Not Require A HTML Editor or FTP to load Images To Your Server
Imagine needing to make a change on something pretty urgent such as pricing or perhaps an expired promotion. Or that you need to change your photos, videos or even the format on your text because the old ones no longer applicable. The good news is all this can be done without a web editor or a FTP (File Transfer Application). Our clients even uses iPAD to make changes so can you. 

Search Engine Loves Our CMS System
Both humans and search engines deciphers text wording different. The search engine could not understand the content unless the website has been optimized with keywords, meta tags or other tools to help search engines understand what exactly you are offering in your website. 

You Have Full Control Of Website
Having in full control of your website which means now you can access whenever you like without the presence of a web designer to make minor changes. Others include managing your emails, customers enquiries and etc. 

You Can Set Multiple Administrator
Instead of doing the work yourself, have another of your colleagues or workers to do the work for you. Not only you can create multiple editors, you can set limitations on their access privilege (Just to make sure, they do not simply messed up the important apps)

Unlimited Add-Ons
Perhaps the most powerful and (often missed-out) benefits are the add-ons. WebPal’s CMS comes with thousands of add-ons. An add-on is somewhat like a sub-application to integrate it. For example, adding a Facebook “Like” in your website. Of perhaps, you want a shopping cart to be added in your CMS. All this can be done by installing add-ons. The good thing about add-ons is free and only requires minimum fee for installation and customization.